LED Tape

Not all LED tape is the same, at Ambience Lighting Ltd we are focused on offering the professional market with the very best in LED Lighting.

With our extensive range of LED Tapes, we supply LED tapes (ribbon) that are colour matched with all the LED’s binned the same. This allows our customers full confidence that if the project is extended or more tape is required later on then our range of LED Tapes will colour match with the original installation.

At Ambience Lighting we provide IP67 ( water proof rated) LED Tapes which use a heat shrink covering instead of a gel coating, With gel covering, the colour of the gel often changes colour over time and can become brittle, with the heat shrink you don’t have this problem.

From an installation perspective, using heat shrink in preference to gel coating is much easier to work with; the installer just needs to score the heat shrink and remove it from the solder points on the tape (cut points every 100 mm) before soldering a new cable tail on the end. All you then need to do is using an airgun, re-heat shrink over the join and you are ready to install.

Our focus is to make the installer’s job as easy as possible, Ambience Lighting offer a LED tape cutting and soldering (of cable) service to the installation company’s specification. If you have a drawing or plan that you would like us to work to then we are more than happy to do so.

We believe that us doing the preparation work at our 1000 square foot workshop takes the hassle out of the project. We can do the ground work and pack the order up into the sections required allowing our professional customers to focus on the installation!

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