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    Ambience Lighting has partnered with TechLED

    (UK) – TechLED has opened up its operational reach to encompass two new avenues of business.
    UK-based specialist design and supply company for LED lighting equipment TechLED incorporated Ambience Lighting into its business framework and also launched a hire division for specialist LED lighting products.

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    12/12/2018 - WILL KIRBY 0 Comments

    Over the past year, Ambience Lighting have established a great reputation across the Hotelier and Restaurant industries supplying our exceptionally high quality LED tapes, power supplies, control systems and aluminium profiles.

    Working on projects across the UK (from London, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Derbyshire, Hampshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, West Midlands and all areas of the UK), Ireland, Europe and the Caribbean, Ambience Lighting are a leading award winning LED lighting supplier who are focused in quality and exceptional customer service.  

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  • LED Tape
    08/10/2018 - Ambience Lighting 0 Comments
    LED Tape Supplier Of The Year 2018

    Ambience Lighting have become a leading player within the UK's LED lighting industry.

    Over the past 8 months we are have had our LED tapes, power supplies and control systems used and specified into many of the UK's leading Restaurants and Hotels chains. We have developed great business relationships with some of the UK's most respected professional Electrical Contractors, FME companies, Architects and Lighting Designers.   

    We are also delighted to have had our hard work recognised and  have been awarded-

     "LED Tape Supplier Of The Year - 2018" 

    "Customer Service Excellence Award - 2018"  

    At Ambience Lighting we are focused on quality in all aspects of our business from the LED products we supply, the customer service we offer to the after sales support we provide.

    Ambience Lighting- Making Visions A Reality

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  • LED Tape
    12/07/2018 - William Kirby 0 Comments
    Ambience Lighting Ltd expansion

    After an amazing 6 months, Ambience Lighting are moving onwards and upwards.
    After being specified and used as the supplier of choice within many of the UK's top restaurant chains, supplying to some of the leading hotelier chains and working on some exciting projects we are delighted to announce that Ambience Lighting will be moving to a new 4,000 square foot Production, warehouse and office facility within the next few week.

    From all at Ambience Lighting, we are very thankful for the fantastic support that we have received from our valued customers and we looking forward to the second half of 2018.

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  • 27/03/2018 - W H KIrby 0 Comments
    Madrix Control

    When it comes to digital pixel Control Systems, we believe in using the best products and solutions to enable our customer's visions to become a reality.

    At Ambience Lighting, we have vast experience in controlling Pixel Technologies but the best options in our opinion is MADRIX.

    MADRIX is all about powerful yet simple control products for creative LED lighting. Amazing LED installations worldwide are brought to life with high-quality
    software and hardware made in Germany.

    The MADRIX® brand brings innovative LED lighting control solutions based on software and hardware to the professional lighting market including club, stage, event, art, interior, and building illumination. Please visit our Pixel Controllers Page on our website ( ) and learn more about the range of MADRIX products and find the downloadable catalogue 

    For more information please email- or call 01603 963695

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  • 12/02/2018 - William Kirby 0 Comments
    LED Tape

    Not all LED tape is the same, at Ambience Lighting Ltd we are focused on offering the professional market with the very best in LED Lighting.

    With our extensive range of LED Tapes, we supply LED tapes (ribbon) that are colour matched with all the LED’s binned the same. This allows our customers full confidence that if the project is extended or more tape is required later on then our range of LED Tapes will colour match with the original installation.

    At Ambience Lighting we provide IP67 ( water proof rated) LED Tapes which use a heat shrink covering instead of a gel coating, With gel covering, the colour of the gel often changes colour over time and can become brittle, with the heat shrink you don’t have this problem.

    From an installation perspective, using heat shrink in preference to gel coating is much easier to work with; the installer just needs to score the heat shrink and remove it from the solder points on the tape (cut points every 100 mm) before soldering a new cable tail on the end. All you then need to do is using an airgun, re-heat shrink over the join and you are ready to install.

    Our focus is to make the installer’s job as easy as possible, Ambience Lighting offer a LED tape cutting and soldering (of cable) service to the installation company’s specification. If you have a drawing or plan that you would like us to work to then we are more than happy to do so.

    We believe that us doing the preparation work at our 1000 square foot workshop takes the hassle out of the project. We can do the ground work and pack the order up into the sections required allowing our professional customers to focus on the installation!
    01603 963695

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  • Digital Pixel Tape
    06/02/2018 - W Kirby 0 Comments
    Digital Pixel Tape Options

    With Digital Pixel Tape, by controlling each individual pixel you can create a variety of chasing effects. When several strips of tape are placed together you can create fantastic imagery and effects which will amaze the onlooker.

    To achieve this, you will need to use a variety of different control options, please contact us for assistance.

    It was only a few years ago that the most popular type of Digital Pixel tape was the WS/SK 2801, this is a 12 volt tape where the LED and IC are mounted separately. As time has moved on, the technology has developed and the most popular voltage of Digital Pixel Tape is now 5 volts. The IC and LED have also been mounted together and this has led to an improvement in both quality and durability- the S2812B.

    At Ambience Lighting we specialise in providing the very best in Digital Pixel tape and due to the known voltage drop after 2.5 - 3 metres, we have introduced a thicker PCB which has reduced this issue. In reality using our AL-PT2812B products you can power 4 metres and should not have a voltage drop.

    There are several options of AL-PT2812B, these include RGB, Single colour and RGBW options. The amount of pixels per metre varies from 32, 60 and 144 pixels per metre. With the 144 option, this comes in one metre lengths and not the five metre lengths that the others come in.

    Late in 2017, we introduced our customers to the NEW AL-PT2813 option which with two data signals, this means that if a pixel is accidently damaged the signal passes through the damaged pixel to the next one. With the 2812B option, the signal will end at the damaged Pixel. This means that until the Pixel is removed the remainder of the tape from the damaged Pixel onwards won’t work.

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  • Digital Pixel Tape
    29/01/2018 - William Kirby 0 Comments
    Difference Between LED tape and Digital Pixel Tape

    LED Tape V Digital Pixel Tape

    The main difference is that with LED tape (AL-5050-60-RGB or AL-5050-30-RGB), all the LEDs are controlled as one. If you change the colour of
    the tape from for example blue to red then the whole length of tape changes to the same colour. LED tape is a fantastic option for changing or enhancing the
    ambience and atmosphere in a venue such as a bar, hotel , restaurant and many other locations.

    With Digital Pixel Tape (including our 2813 IC digital pixel tape launched in 2017), you have individual control of each of the LEDs. By having such control a digital
    addressable strip can create amazing effects from a simple chasing effect where the LEDs light up one by one through to much more complex and astounding
    lighting effects where you can create images and effects which have the WOW factor.

    Ambience Lighting- Making Visions A Reality

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  • Edison Lamps
    24/01/2018 - W H KIRBY 0 Comments

    Due to popular demand, Ambience Lighting are delighted to announce that we have introduced  our luxury range of Vintage LED Lamps.

    This includes a range of UK designed and developed unique LED filament which warms in colour temperature as they are dimmed.
    After years of development by a leading UK Lighting Designers, Ambience Lighting are privileged to have been asked to provide this exclusive range to our customers.

    This exclusive range of Lamps have a colour rendering index of 95 and when dimmed from 2700k (warm white) they produce a beautiful candle light colour of 1,800K.

    Ambience Lighting, - "Making Visions A Reality"

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