Wide-Ranging Aluminium Extrusion Products

When utilising our extensive range of aluminium profiles with a professional range of LED tapes, light bars can provide an effective and aesthetically pleasing solution to any application. When it comes to our aluminium extrusion products, you should expect nothing less than the best.

Bespoke-Customised Solutions


At Ambience Lighting, we can custom-build light bars to the length you require by using our high  quality LED Tapes .  As a bespoke LED company, we can not only manufacture the light bars to your specific requirements, but also attach the length of tailing required to the LED tape, allowing the electrical contractor to fit the bar in place by using clips or magnetic options.

With our extensive range of aluminium profiles, you have the option of frosted or opaque covering and, black or silver covering;  allowing you to achieve the effect you desire.

Range Of Aluminium Profiles

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